Vision problems can have a significant impact on your child. Around 80% of what your child learns at school is presented visually.

If your child has difficulty seeing in the classroom or soccer field, he/she will not perform their best.

Eyeglasses are a simple solution that can address most vision problems and in some cases, young children are good candidates for contact lenses.

During a thorough consultation, Dr. Tanya Mikitchenko can determine what solution will best meet your child’s needs.

Sometimes it is more complicated than just prescribing glasses to a pediatric patient. There are some conditions that Dr. Tanya Mikitchenko is paying closer attention while performing Pediatric Eye Exams, such as:

  • Diplopia – also known as double vision. Diplopia can severely impact a child’s learning ability. It can be hard to tell if your child is experiencing double vision, especially if they are too young to articulate it. Pediatric eye exam should detect this problem.
  • Strabismus is a condition that causes the eyes to be misaligned, referred to as “cross-eyes”. There are multiple types of strabismus, and therapy or surgery can help fix this issue. When left untreated as a child, strabismus is much harder to correct as an adult.
  • Amblyopia– also known as lazy eye. Amblyopia is a condition that causes visual impairment in children and is one of the most common childhood eye problems in the world. It is a result of weak or underdeveloped eye muscles. Strabismus can also cause amblyopia. The issue can be fixed through therapy. Amblyopia therapy aims to strengthen the weaker eye. This is done by patching the stronger eye, forcing the weaker eye to work harder.
  • Digital Eye Strain– Our kids spend too much time on gadgets and computers nowadays that can cause “digital eye strain”. It makes them fatigue faster. Eyedeal Eyecare can give some useful recommendations and fit your child with protective eyewear.
  • Retinopathy of prematurity – is a condition that affects premature infants. When a baby is born prematurely, their retinal blood vessels may grow weak and fragile. This causes the blood vessels to leak and break easily – causing blood and fluid accumulation in the retina. This can cause blind spots in vision and lead to scarring, which can affect vision later in life.

Whether it is a refractive error or ocular disease is found, your child should visit an eye doctor routinely to be certain that his or her ocular health is optimal for all the learning performances.

Good vision is easy to maintain when diagnosed early! Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam for your child at Eyedeal Eyecare to make sure they are happy and healthy to learn!