Glaucoma is the disease of the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. In the majority of cases, it is a “silent” disease which means patients don’t experience any symptoms. If left untreated it could cause complete blindness. Unlike ARMD, Glaucoma affects peripheral vision first. If Dr. Tanya Mikitchenko suspects that you might have glaucoma at your Comprehensive Eye Exam.  She will run a series of glaucoma testing to determine if there is any damage.  Glaucoma evaluation entails a thorough investigation of all the structures of the eye that could be involved in glaucomatous damage, eye pressure, corneal thickness, and extensive analysis of the Optic Nerve via the latest OCT technology, and Visual Field Perimetry that checks peripheral vision. According to the National Eye Institute, nearly 2.2 million Americans aged 40 and older have the most common form of glaucoma. Almost half of these people are not even aware they have the disease! Take care of your eye health by scheduling your Eye Exam at Eyedeal Eyecare today!